6 Questions to Ask Before Volunteering Abroad

Paulina Rakowska had an interesting article on Huffington Post yesterday about how to choose the best volunteer abroad opportunity for yourself.

I agree with all of them — including the ones about picking the proper country as well as contacting former volunteers for their feedback on their experiences.

I feel that choosing the volunteer abroad organization in the end comes down to trust. So, after vetting the organization in terms of policies, history, management, alumni feedback etc, ask yourself if you trust the organization to be there for you, both before, during and after the trip.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Volunteering Abroad

1. What’s happening in the country where I want to volunteer?

2. What kind of accommodation will be provided?

3. If you’re paying, what are you paying for?

4. Who is the volunteer coordinator and what experience does he/she have?

5. What is the final purpose of the whole project? Who are the beneficiaries?

6. What do former volunteers say?

Scott Burke Visiting a Host Family in Tamale, Ghana

Scott Burke Visiting a Host Family in Tamale, Ghana (2007)