Learning Is Not Watching A Video

We go on volunteer trips to help others, right?

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

But we also go there to learn. Hence the term “service learning” which properly describes what we’re all trying to do on these trips abroad.

Entrepeneur and writer Seth Godin has a great blog post today where he describes what active participation looks like. I feel it applies to the volunteer travel field.

Here is a snippet (emphasis mine):

Learning is not watching a video, learning is taking action and seeing what happens.

“I’ll just watch and take notes,” is inconsistent with, “I’m here to learn.”

My philosophy is that it doesn’t pay to go to a conference unless you’re prepared to be vulnerable and meet people, and it doesn’t pay to go to a Q&A session unless you’re willing to sit in the front row. Reading blogs is great, writing one is even better.

There are more chances than ever to attend, but all of them require participation if you expect them to work.