SACERS Interview Questions

Yesterday I was interviewed by a rep from PA Keys for the SACERS rating for the children’s organization in Chinatown where I work.

SACERS is short for the School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale which is designed to assess group-care programs for children of school age, 5 to 12.

The Scale consists of 49 items, including 6 supplementary items for programs enrolling children with disabilities.

The items are organized into 7 sub-scales:

  • Space and Furnishings
  • Health and Safety
  • Activities
  • Interactions
  • Program Structure
  • Staff Development
  • Special Needs

Below are the the interview questions I was asked by the PA Keys rep.

Perhaps this can be used as a heads-up by anyone who may be interviewed for their own SACERS evaluation.

Questions for SACERS interview

Do students have private space?

Do students books from home?

Do you do fire drills? How often?

Does staff receive first aid training? How often?

Does staff have professional development training? How often? Who presents it?

Are students present for staff training?

What if a student is ill at pickup time at their school?

Is there a parents’ board?

Are there parent-teacher conferences? How often?

Do staff have private space?

Is there any play equipment stored away / not visible?

How often do you take students outside?

For special needs kids, do you coordinate care and plans with outside agencies? How?

Are there field trips? How often? To educational places like museums?

Is there a music program? How often?

Is there a drama program? How often?

Are there multicultural activities

Are there events like music, art, performances, and field trips?

Do you have informal talks with parents? How often?

How long have you worked at Tots?

How many years overall have you worked with children’s programs?

What academic and child development degrees do you have?

Did you do the SACERS training? Online or in person? How long ago?

Do you have regular staff meetings for the after-school program? How often?

Do you have staff meetings when all of the organization’s staff are present? How often?

Are you evaluated on your job performance? By whom? How often?

Do you do a self evaluation? How often?

Does the staff do activities outside work time? (Not just happy hours but organized outings)

Do you train / teach the kids safety procedures (fire drill etc)?

Do you train / teach the kids cleanliness behavior like don’t drink from same bottle?

Do you work with the children’s school teachers academic issues, emotional behavior?

Do you do prepare lesson plans? How often?

Do you meet with teachers about lesson plans? How often?